Taxonomy Schema - Snowflake - Removing version-specific view TITLES_V4_37_0 in favor of evergreen view TITLE

23 hours and 59 minutes

This is now complete. Thanks for your patience!


The scheduled maintenance is now underway. We'll keep you updated on our progress.


If you are already only using the evergreen view, then this does not impact you. If you do not have access to any taxonomy views but are interested, then please contact your Lightcast representative.

The following evergreen taxonomy views are replacing the listed version-specific views.

  • TAXONOMY.TITLE replaces

Please switch to using the evergreen view. This view includes a VERSION field that indicates which version that record belongs to, as well as a LATEST_VERSION field that indicates which taxonomy version is the most recent, relative to the taxonomy itself (vs a dataset using the taxonomy). To know which taxonomy version a dataset is using, please see that dataset's meta (US.POSTINGS_META, for example).

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Affected components
  • Snowflake
    • Taxonomy Schema