Snowflake Job Postings US, UK, and CA - Missing SALARY Values

False Alarm
False Alarm

Behavior for the ‘SALARY’ field is working as intended. Observations where the ‘SALARY_FROM’ and ‘SALARY_TO’ are filled, and the ‘SALARY’ field is null are expected within our datasets.

The ‘SALARY’ field follows a methodology outlined within our Knowledge Base as:

Advertised Salary

Some job postings include the salary or salary range of the vacancy. Lightcast extracts and cleans this information and includes it in the dataset when it is a likely and reasonable reflection of the position. Lightcast uses the 2080 work hours in a year to convert salaries that are listed in an hourly format to an annual format, and vise versa.

Knowledge Base Article -

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We have identified an issue with a number of Snowflake Job Postings in the US, UK, and CA. Despite the presence of 'SALARY_FROM' and 'SALARY_TO' values, the 'SALARY' fields are returning null. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Our team is actively working to identify and resolve the underlying issue. We will provide further updates as soon as more information becomes available. For any immediate concerns, please contact

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