Snowflake - Core LMI (US) - Removing deprecated schema "CORELMI_US" in favor of "CORELMI_US_V2"

Monday, 7 October 23 hours and 59 minutes

We are targeting October 7, 2024, for removal of schema CORELMI_US. Please ensure your systems are using the new schema before October 7 by changing all schema references from "CORELMI_US" to "CORELMI_US_V2".

CORELMI_US_V2 was introduced last fall with datarun 2023.3 due to the breaking change of introducing a new version of NAICS (NAICS 2022). All view names and field names are the same, so the only update needed on your end is to change schemas from CORELMI_US to CORELMI_US_V2.

Please reach out to your Lightcast representative with any questions.

Affected components
  • Snowflake
    • Core LMI US